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For Sale by Owner

  • You will not pay commissions for the sale of your home. You only pay a flat fee to your attorney. You will save thousands of dollars in commissions and put more money in your pocket.
  • Our law firm can prepare the documents needed to sell your home and guide you through the sale process for a flat fee. No commissions are paid.
  • Our law firm can help you list your home/property on the MLS so brokers and realtors can see your listing. If you pay a commission to the buyer’s realtor, we can help you negotiate a lower commission. If there are no brokers or realtors involved in the sale, you pay no commissions.
  • An initial step in the process is that we provide you with the Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Brochure along with the Seller’s Disclosure Statement for you to complete. These forms are required for the sale of your home. Our law firm reviews the completed Disclosures with you prior to giving them to any potential buyer.
  • Our law firm can draft your Purchase Agreement or review and negotiate any Purchase Agreement you receive from any potential buyer.
  • Our law firm can recommend a Title Company to prepare the Title Commitment, draft all the closing documents, and hold the closing.
  • Our law firm will review all closing documents and attend the closing with you if required.
  • Please contact our office to schedule a meeting to sell your home/property.