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Criminal Law

If you are looking for the services of a criminal lawyer, Bingham Farms, MI is home to The Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC. We have four attorneys and counselors who specialize in criminal matters of every kind.

Whether you are charged, are being investigated or otherwise involved with a criminal matter, it is important to know your rights. The police and prosecutors have a team of people trying to convict you, so you should have someone in your corner. We aggressively pursue the letter of the law and ensure that your rights as an individual in our society are protected.

Contact The Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC for a criminal lawyer. Bingham Farms, MI is home to a robust court system and we will fight to aggressively protect your rights. From Felony matters to Misdemeanor matters, The Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC attorneys have you covered. We have one ex-prosecuting attorney on staff and another attorney with 15 years of trial experience. It is important to protect your record as criminal matters affect every aspect of ones life, from employment to school applications to where you can live. Let our attorneys assist counsel you on your matter today. Call us today for more information and find out how we can improve the outcome of your court case or other legal matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Drunk Driving – Operating While Intoxicated/Impaired

Being arrested is very serious and can have long lasting consequences if not handled properly. If convicted, you face huge fines and even jail time. Having an experienced attorney handle your case can make a dramatic difference in the outcome.

Attorney Jason J. Kucmierz is a former Prosecuting Attorney and is currently Of Counsel with The Weiner & Randall Law Group. The experience a former Prosecuting Attorney brings to the firm is the ability to assess a case from a Prosecutor’s point of view, as well as develop the best defense strategy.

Operating While Intoxicated/Impaired (OWI)

Generally known as drunk driving, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is a severe offense in the State of Michigan. If you have been charged with an alcohol related driving offense, (Operating While Intoxicated – OWI) you face severe consequences such as jail, State fees, a suspended license, higher insurance rates, vehicle immobilization or forfeiture, probation, drug and alcohol testing, and fines and costs.

Super Drunk Driving

Effective as of October 31, 2010, a new definition of drunk driving applies to drivers with a bodily alcohol content (BAC) of 0.17 or more grams of alcohol. Drivers convicted under the “Super Drunk” law will be subject to greater penalties.

You need to have an attorney experienced and knowledgeable about how the system works and what penalties you are facing. Further, you need to know your rights under the law. If you have never been charged before, the anxiety of the “unknown” can be unbearable. The attorneys at Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC will relieve this stress, tell you what to expect, make sure your rights are protected and ensure a fair result.

Our fees are reasonable and we don’t promise or guarantee what we cannot deliver. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take control of your situation and call us for a free consultation.

The Weiner & Randall Law Group attorneys have successfully handled OWI cases in all of the following Courts: Bingham Farms, Brighton, Novi, Farmington Hills, Grand Blanc, Fenton, Owosso, Taylor, Romulus, Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, and Oak Park.

Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD) or DAAD Hearings

If you have had your license revoked for two or more drinking and driving convictions the attorneys at The Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC may be able to help you get your license reinstated.

Typically, the State of Michigan will inform you that you may apply to have your license reinstated when the revocation period is about to end. That is when the real work begins. In order to get your license reinstated you must prove with “clear and convincing evidence” that you have been sober for a year (or more) and are likely to remain sober.

This is done by providing proofs in the form of community support letters, through a favorable substance abuse evaluation, through the appellants testimony and in some cases testimony from friends, or an AA sponsor. The form and substance of the letters is very important, as is being prepared for the questions the appellant will be asked at the hearing. If an appellant’s letters are not just right, they can be discarded and not counted as evidence. Likewise, if the appellant provides poor or conflicting testimony, they can be denied even if it is an innocent mistake.

The attorneys at The Weiner & Randall Law Group PLLC have handled dozens of DLAD hearings and are familiar with the process. We can guide you around common mistakes, and help you avoid the inherent pitfalls of the process. Further, we won’t take your case if we don’t think you have a good chance of success at the hearing. Some attorneys will take your money even though they know you won’t pass the hearing officer’s scrutiny, leaving you without a license and penniless. Lastly, if we do not think you can pass the hearing, we can counsel you on what to do moving forward to make your appeal successful in the future.

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